For new and returning pets, and you, their parents, I have reopened in accordance with the Phase One Restrictions proposed by New York State for my business and our city.


If you are interested in scheduling a grooming session please call me at 718-499-4040.


Stay safe. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Sonia Nathan is owner and groomer of Sonia's Pet Grooming. She brings years of experience to the art of grooming, with an individualized and loving approach to bringing out the best in your pet!

One dog at a time

What sets Sonia's Pet Grooming apart from other groomers is her philosophy and method. She has an artisanal, "one-dog-at-a-time" approach to her clientele and endeavors to begin a good relationship with a dog early on, leading to that dog's lifetime of ease with all groomers. Your dog will get the individual care and pampering she or he deserves and will not only look good, but feel happy and confident.

What we care about:

I am committed to a simple principle: your dog will come back to you feeling as great as he or she is looking. 

After 100,000 years of evolving from the gray wolf, dogs haven't changed with respect to the things thorough groomers do:  genetic mutations have not made a dog look forward to being combed, brushed, bathed, brushed and dried, scissored, shaved, brushed, and combed some more.  To say nothing about putting up with having their ears cleaned and nails trimmed.

At Sonia's Pet Grooming I am changing that.  Everything I do is designed to optimize your dog's experience and appearance.  I invite my dogs, especially puppies, to visit the studio before I groom them, to walk around and become comfortable and make it one of his or her places.  It really helps. 

How we do business:

My rates are posted in the studio.  We will discuss what I charge for your dog before I begin to groom him or her.  Every dog and owner is an individual; every agreement is individual. 

Please talk to me.  Our dog Hobbes get lots of attention from our family, as I imagine your does.  I want to know from you and your dog how I can make his or her experience positive.

For me, nothing is better than seeing a dog and his or her family member coming to my studio with smiles on their faces, knowing they will enjoy their time well spent.
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